Wednesday, 4 November 2009

How to test if your site contains malware

A few weeks ago I discovered a problem as webmaster of the Helenahoeve ( The site was hacked. Each page contains some extra code between the end head and the body tag.

The code was something like:
script src= /script

I did not check it, but I think it is some nasty code. I discovered this code because I saw in the status bar that the browser was waiting for For what? Who is Mashaei? Well that is a simple question, take a look at: but do not visit his site!

I removed all rubish, protected my site a litte more and watched my site more closely. I suggest that you ask Google for advise via 

There are other sites, but they all state that is okay. I think that that is not correct.
  1. McAfee's SiteAdvisor:
  2. Finjan Vital Security:
  3. Norton Safe Web:
There are luckily other ways to test your site for malware.
  1. If your site contains valid HTML, check at a regular base
  2. If you know which URL's are valid, check for strange browser requests with
  3. Let your site check by

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