Tuesday, 26 January 2010

How to futher improve the website

A good website is always under construction. The question is "What to do next?" To answer that question, you should know what to improve.

To decide what to improve I will compare the website of the Helenahoeve with sites with a great usability. These site are:

So I will test 10 sites, the 9 sites mentioned and of course www.helenahoeve.nl

I will test these sites on the following aspects (more suggestions are welcome):

  1. User safety
    1. Google Safe Browsing;
    2. McAfee SiteAdvisor;
    3. Norton Safe Web;
    4. Web Of Trust;
  2. Technology and devices
    1. W3C Validator;
    2. Web Guidelines;
    3. Accessability WCAG
  3. Attractivity
    1. Speed tools.pingdom.com 
    2. CommandShift3
  4. Visability on the web
    1. Pagerank
    2. SERP for business name (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
    3. Lipperhey

I will also test these 10 sites on several devices. I have planned to test these sites on the following devices:

  1. Textbrowser (Lynx)
  2. Smartphone
  3. Nintendo DSi
  4. Netbook
  5. Normal computer
  6. Television
  7. Printer

By doing these tests I hope to find a few things to improve the site of the Helenahoeve.

I will keep you informed. Suggestions for these tests and of course for the site www.helenahoeve.nl are as always appreciated.

Hans, alias WebHel

Webmaster for the Helenahoeve

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