Monday, 26 April 2010

The Design test

Testing the design is subjective, however there are some methods which helps.

The small screen test
The first one, is the small screen test. This test is easy to do and I will tell you the result now.

From the following sites, only the Helenahoeve has a seperate design for small screens.

The grayscale test

How good are the designs when you don't see colors at all?

In my opinion,, and are too busy. 

The blur test

Almost the same test, however now we use color, but there was a gaussian blur of 5 pixels. Lets see what it looks like.

Now only from, and it is clear which sitename is involved. The and seems to have the best readable test.

What else could I say about the designs. Personally I prefer the design of nos,nl and has too few battles for these sites. I am curious about the opinion of the Dutch web users (so I have to wait for results of the Usability Award 2010 for this one).

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