Monday, 12 April 2010

How fast is fast enough

Now speed is relevant for your score in Google, people are thinking about the necessary speed. On Seochat they state the following:

If your website's average loading time is below 9.82 seconds, your website is loading VERY fast as compared to the average websites ranking in Google at Position 1. You do not need to improve in this case.

Sorry, but even according to the old formula you are slower than everyone else. If you focus on people instead of on Google you should know that the loading time should be 1 or 2 seconds max. See respectively these articles from Jakob Nielsen and Akamai.

For this test Seochat used  stopwatch from and Google Chrome. I tested several times with this stopwatch in several browsers:
  • 1.9 seconds in Internet Explorer
  • 0.7 seconds in Opera
  • 1.8 seconds in Firefox
  • 0.4 seconds in Google Chrome
So when you use Internet Explorer you browse roughly 4 times slower than tested. So the consequence is that a performance of 40 seconds should be enough for IE users? I don't think so...

I promise you, try to be faster than 2 seconds and you will reach much more people who will use your site.

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