Monday, 8 February 2010

The 800x600 pixels test

Old computers did have a screen resolution of 800x600 pixels. Old fashioned? Not so fast, take a look at the new modern mobile phones. A 800x600 pixel test is not naive. Here are the results when you browse with Internet Explorer 8:
  1. Horizontal scroll needed
  2. Great
  3. Great
  4. Great
  5. Horizontal scroll needed
  6. Great
  7. Horizontal scroll needed
  8. Horizontal scroll needed
  9. Horizontal scroll needed
  10. Horizontal scroll needed
Four sites are looking great on a 800x600 pixel screen. So the ranking is:
  1.,, and postbus
  2.,,,, and 
By the way, already in 2002 Jacob Nielsen stated that horizontal scrolling is a big web-design mistake.

See also the screenshots. Please notice that has created a specific design for screen resolutions like this.

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