Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Web Guidelines

Time to test the sites against the Web Guidelines. See

The results are:
  1. Score: 34
  2. Score:  39
  3. Score:  42
  4. Score: 30
  5. Score: 36
  6. Score: 46
  7. Score: 39
  8. Score: 44
  9. Score: 33
  10. Score: 31
The maximum score is 47. will never reach this maximum because:
  1. We give the user the option to open an external link in a new tab. This is not allowed when you use a STRICT doctype. This decision costs us 3 points;
  2. We have grouped images and the corresponding text in a DIV. To do this neatly we have to define the style width=. This decision costs us 2 points.
Ranking the sites based on this score gives the following graph:

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