Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The superphone test

Google stated that the Nexus One is a superphone. The resolution is 480x800 pixels. I do not have a Nexus  One (allthough I think I will love it). To test the websites for the Nexus One I used Firefox with the Web Developer toolbar. With this toolbar I resized the viewport of the Firefox to 480x800.

With these settings, the results are:
  1. bol.com Horizontal scroll needed
  2. funda.nl Horizontal scroll needed
  3. helenahoeve.nl Great, seperate design for mobile devices
  4. nu.nl Great, seperate design for mobile devices (mobiel.nu.nl)
  5. philips.nl Horizontal scroll needed
  6. postbus51.nl Horizontal scroll needed
  7. rabobank.nl Horizontal scroll needed
  8. vrom.nl Horizontal scroll needed
  9. wehkamp.nl Great, seperate design for mobile devices (m.wehkamp.nl)
  10. wnf.nl Horizontal scroll needed
Ranking the sites gives the following list:
  1. helenahoeve.nl, nu.nl, wehkamp.nl
  2. bol.com, funda.nl, philips.nl, postbus51.nl, rabobank.nl, vrom.nl, wnf.nl
See also these screenshots:

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