Sunday, 14 February 2010

There is printing and printing

The last test in the quality test serie is the printer test. Initial I want to test this on a MacBook only. This is because I thought that Apple understood the use of PDF. With a MacBook you can after the print commando directly save the result a a PDF instead of a physical print. The results were a little bit strange. I seems that Flash components of the webpage will not be printed.

So I decided to create also PDF's with PDFCreator on a XP machine. For the third time during these tests I am flabbergasted. The results are not always the same. Huh, what is happening here?

I do not understand this, however I can judge the results:
  1. Inconsistent
  2. Inconsistent
  3. Consistent, specific print layout available
  4. Consistent
  5. Inconsistent
  6. Consistent
  7. Inconsistent
  8. Inconsistent
  9. Inconsistent
  10. Inconsistent
The helenahoeve is the only website with a specific print lay-out!

See the screenshots (left Apple's Save as PDF, right Windows XP PDFCreator):

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